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Digital Marketing &  PR Campaign


Frogger Golf is a golf accessories Company seeking to enhance its eCommerce business, and increase brand awareness, sales, and overall website traffic. Prior to MC’s partnership, Frogger Golf’s presence via digital and social platforms was limited.  The Company was not listed on any search engines, had inconsistent social media efforts, and no remarketing system in place. MC’s highly successful digital marketing and communications program enhanced Frogger Golf’s position on all Google Searches and increased revenue on a monthly basis.  


MC was tasked with establishing a digital marketing & communications campaign to help increase brand awareness, and drive website traffic to increase direct sales.


  • MC assessed and initiated an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program in order to increase their ranking on Google and other search engines.

    • Frogger Golf was not listed on any search engine sites prior to MC’s efforts.

  • MC set up a Google My Business account & Google Shopping account making it easier for consumers to find Frogger Golf products through Google searches and shopping.

  • MC established a PPC/ AdWords Campaign utilizing a keyword planner tool to leverage relevant keywords in key categories.

  • Developed a retargeting campaign, to market to window shoppers/potential customers who visited the site and viewed specific pages or products without purchasing.

  • MC managed/monitored eCommerce data through Google Analytics and WooCommerce, providing recommendations on future digital marketing, Social Media, and Advertising initiatives. This included, reallocating budgets, based on analytics, to drive a higher ROI.

  • MC established and managed a social media program, designed to expand their audience and drive followers to the Frogger Golf website, for actionable xxx, when applicable.

    • This included Boosted Facebook Posts, creating video Advertisements on Facebook, posting creative and sticky content on all social channels, etc. MC also repurposed Frogger media coverage for social.

  • MC developed a well-choreographed PR campaign, which included coordinating meetings, interviews and product demos, with high profile media outlets who generally don’t deviate from covering Major brands.

  • The media coverage generated by MC helped Frogger’s innovative Catch-Latch System capture the Best New Product Award at the 2017 PGA Show. Featured Media included:

    • Live/Taped radio interviews with golf shows in over 20 markets across the United States, including some nationally syndicated shows.

    • MC secured coverage for Frogger products in several gift guides throughout the year, highlighted by,,, and Golf Digest, among others.

  • Additionally, MC secured coverage for Frogger accessories in regional golf publications, and influential golf blogs, including Golf Oklahoma, Midwest Golfing Magazine, and GolfTips Magazine, among others. 

  • MC created and managed a weekly e-newsletter program, enabling Frogger to communicate consistently with its database of customers.  The database of 20,000+ was sitting dormant, until MC’s campaign, which included new product info, instructional videos, holiday specials, and much more, and generated considerable sales increases.

  • MC established cost effective digital partnerships with the National Golf Foundation and Golfweek, in an effort to promote the Frogger Golf brand/core products to new audiences encompassing hundreds of thousands of core golfers. Both open rates and CTR’s proved strong , delivering a strong ROI and brand awareness for Frogger Golf



  • MC’s highly successful PR campaign, generated more than30 million media impressions nationwide, and is highlighted by featured stories on,, ABC News,, SI Golf and broadcast affiliates in key markets across the US. 

  • MC’s digital marketing & communications campaign resulted in increased year over year revenue by 55% and increased Website Traffic by 65% from the previous year. 

  • Backed by MC’s all-encompassing digital marketing and PR campaign, Frogger Golf’s new product innovation, the Latch-It system was named Best New Product at the 2017 PGA Show in Orlando. 

  • While managing Frogger’s social media accounts, MC drove increased engagement and overall presence through a more consistent posting schedule, and allocating a small budget to create Facebook boosts and video ads. Video ads and boosts regularly reached anywhere from 50K – 100K users with nominal spends, while delivering engagement/conversion rates of 2-3%, compared with industry standard of 1%. 

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