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Public Relations 

Mastro Communications offers a wide variety of full-service expertise, which includes Marketing, Public Relations, Special Events and Promotions, Social Media and Creative Services. 

Our executive staff is well versed in public relations strategies needed to deliver a business story, feature story, product placement, event feature or other publicity that can positively impact a client’s image and bottom line. With an established network of media contacts that cover multiple industries, Mastro Communications executives are savvy at securing press coverage from independent media sources (Print, broadcast, digital) that further establish the credibility of a client’s products, services, or brand.


Our public relations expertise extends to:


  • Brand, association, product, program, service & venue publicity

  • Products, Services, Association Publicity

  • Community Relations

  • Communications Counseling/Management

  • Corporate Image Development

  • Development of consistent messaging & speaking points

  • Promotional Program Creation and Implementation

  • Employee Relations

  • Strategic Grassroots Initiatives

  • Media Relations

  • Media Training





Additionally, MC also boasts a strong history of managing all facets of major press conferences & media tours, including several high profile news conferences for the PGA of America & Ryder Cup and New York City media tours with professional athletes, brand ambassadors, Company CEOs & senior executives. In addition, MC has been instrumental in the PR/marketing success of many products, events and programs over the years, while generating millions of impressions across multiple media platforms.  

Social Media

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