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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment

Ben Hogan Golf - Business Resurgence/New Product PR Campaign:

Objective: Leverage the Company’s direct-to-consumer business model combined with new product introductions to drive sales for the iconic Ben Hogan Golf brand. 



Mastro was retained to support the resurgence of Ben Hogan Golf Company, the iconic equipment brand founded by the late Ben Hogan - one of the greatest golfers of all time. The Company’s innovative Direct-To-Consumer business model allows the Company to minimize costs and overhead, while completely eliminating retail mark-up, without compromising quality. The unique business model proved effective, as Mastro leveraged the innovative storyline to support new product introductions during the pandemic, and business for the iconic brand is up considerably.    



Featured Coverage both domestically and across the UK includes Golf Digest; Golf Magazine; Forbes; Yahoo Sports; Golfweek; Golfwrx; Club & Resort Business; Golficity; Today’s Golfer, among others.


July 2020 was the Company’s best sales month since 2016, and since that time, sales have been brisk across all lines.

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