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Connectivity…Are You Connecting PR with Digital and Social Media?


It’s easy to assume that your PR, digital and social media executions are strategic and operating efficiently. But, that is not always the case with many companies, especially small and mid-sized companies that don’t have the time and resources to focus on all the necessary details.

In fact, many companies simply don’t recognize the true meaning of connectivity when it comes to delivering consistent messaging and content across multiple mediums. In many cases, departments are in silos and individuals or agencies that are managing PR, social and digital media, are simply not communicating properly. Too often, a press release will get issued and go to a targeted list of media, and that’s it.

Many companies and their PR/Communications executive/agency have become complacent with distributing a press release, and either don’t know how, or want to take the time to maximize the news. In the case of connectivity, there needs to be a strategy plan that ensures relevant news, aside of the release, is promoted over the company’s digital and social channels - tagging partner pages, boosted on Facebook if applicable, re-posted by spokespersons, posted on the company websites, directly posted on news sites, e-blasted to target customers and shared company-wide.

In most cases, if a company’s news is worthy of a press release, then certainly it's worthy of being shared across all of its digital and social channels. Effectively leveraging all communications vehicles, when applicable…that’s connectivity! Your agency or your internal PR/Communications staffer should be tasked with managing this process, as it will ensure a better ROI for your PR investment.


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