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Marketers … Don’t Be A “Hand-Me-Down” Client

A common practice of many large and mid-size PR firms is the hand-me-down account management philosophy. While most senior level agency executives have the talent, experience and resources to secure a big account, it’s what happens next that often defines the experience for a client company or brand.

In many instances, the executive(s) who sold in the business is nowhere to be found, and instead a junior level staffer is assigned to manage the account. In most cases, it is the only way a bigger agency can profit from their newfound business. Unfortunately, the client suffers by getting an in-experienced young executive who may not understand their products/services, goals & objectives, how to adapt a strategy or even the appropriate media they should be targeting for stories. Not to mention, service coming from a junior executive is never on par with what was expected and paid for by the client. Now, the client is stuck in a bad deal offering little ROI.

From an agency perspective, many mid-sized and large firms regularly churn clients and turnover accounts, so there is little fear factor in losing the business. In contrast, small firms and boutique agencies dedicate their principals or key executives to manage client accounts, because failure is not an option. As a marketer, you should want to be a big fish in a small pond and get the best talent working on your account. So, next time you are seeking PR agency support, stay clear of becoming that “hand me down” client.


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